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        2. 歡迎訪問泰州市集成數控機床制造有限公司官方網站! 咨詢熱線:0523-86881239 、0523-86881109
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            泰州市集成數控機床制造有限公司 是專業致力于數控加工設備的研發、制造、銷售及技術服務的生產企業。公司通過先進的加工、裝配、檢測等手段,生產出高效先進的數控系列產品,主要有DK77系列電火花數控線切割機床、VM系列立式加工中心、DX系列雕銑機、DS系列電火花小孔加工機、D71系列數控電火花成型機等。產品適用于航天航空、汽車、模具、五金等機械加工領域。


            Jicheng CNC is a research and development, is committed to professional CNC machining equipment manufacturing, sales and technical services of the production enterprises. The company through the advanced processing, assembly, testing and other means, to produce efficient advanced CNC series products, mainly DK77 series CNC wire cut EDM machine, VM series of vertical machining center, DX series of carving and milling machine, DS series of small hole EDM machine, D71 series CNC EDM machine etc.. Products applicable to the fields of aerospace, automobile, mould, hardware and other mechanical processing.

            The company in cooperation with the German Siemens, Spain Fage, Japan FANUC, Mitsubishi, NSK and other well-known international companies, generally praised by the industry's products, has won a good reputation in the market. Will be adhering to the "quality first, innovation and development, good faith service " business philosophy, adhere to the" to provide the best quality products to customers".