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      1. 歡迎訪問泰州市集成數控機床制造有限公司官方網站! 咨詢熱線:0523-86881239 、0523-86881109
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          主要特點 Main features


          The machine adopts T type bed structure, high strength resin sand casting and become, have strong enough rigidity and strength of the workpiece weight bearing large, stable operation.


          Inverter controlled wire drum speed for variable cutting speed.


          High precision ball screw and precision V guides or linear guides.


          Command based on industry PC, stable and reliable.


          Programming and controlling at the same time.


          Display the work trail and date real time, 4-axes combined motion,

          working with different shape.


          Data memorable, auto back in short circuit, stop when wire break,

          shut down after machining and etc.


          The machine adopts centralized lubrication system, easy to machine daily maintenance to extend the service life of the machine.