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        2. 歡迎訪問泰州市集成數控機床制造有限公司官方網站! 咨詢熱線:0523-86881239 、0523-86881109
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            主要特點 Main features


            The main shaft is adopted and rolls accurately the straight line guide, the servo electrical machinery of direct current and ball guide screw of high accuracy.


            DRO for X.Y.Z. axis.


            X、Y adopt and stick plastic technology and keep slipping light and handily until heavy load carry on one's shoulder or back by axle guide. It is accurate to make a reservation.


            Adopting 32 industrial computers, man-machine dialogue is woven and seized, operates it conveniently, It is reliable to be easy to write.


            High frequency have ordinary process, high-efficient low consumption, ultra finish machiningses by power.


            Defend and accumulatr charcal control, and have three kinds of fireproofing functions while being intelligent.


            There is single festival to discharge and processes and discharge automatically and processes, and can hold 999 and process completion of the procedure automatically.


            Discharge in processing, processing can be revised at any time, carry out immediately by condition, and needn't shut down, simplify the operation sequence greatly!